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Consulting Services

Use M and M Consulting services to drive continuous improvement:

Quality Engineering Contract Services

M and M Consulting provides leadership for quality. We can support your project team with access to ASQ Certified Quality Engineers and PMI certified Project Management Professionals to provide efficient and effective quality planning, process flow charts, FEMAs, control plans, and supplier quality management.


Quality and Reliability Systems Development

The key to developing quality and reliability systems: know when to stop writing. We use a strategic approach to ensure that the needs of your company and all requirements of specified standards are met. It is common to reduce the volume of existing quality or reliability system documentation by 50 to 60%.


Cultural Change toward Continual Improvement

Imagine the competitive gains your company could achieve through a corporate philosophy of continual quality improvement. We will work with your management team to institutionalize prioritized action plans and continuous improvement throughout your organization.


Systems for Dimensional Management

Dimensional management requires a team effort. Clearly, the design must use appropriate datum schemes and rationally based tolerances. Robust capable processes are necessary, but so is feedback of surrogate data from current processes from manufacturing back to design. We can help you make it happen.


Exploratory Data Analysis

If you run across a problem and you can't seem to identify the root cause, call us in to perform exploratory data analysis. We will help you precisely define your problem. Then, we will assess process stability and create Weibull plots, and even without expert knowledge in the specifics of your problem, help you find the truth.


Expert Testimony

We offer expert testimony to support our clients in litigation related to definition of requirements, quality or reliability engineering, and dimensional management.

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